Campaign Intelligence

Attain measurable ROI for your online campaigns

Campaign Intelligence can also be referred to as lifetime value analysis, off site web analytics, inbound marketing measurement, or visit source analysis.  It is the measurement of marketing initiatives where the goal is engagement on a target website. The premise is to extend the measurement of engagement off of the site.  This extends marketing measurement beyond the domain extending the capabilities of business intelligence and therefore optimization.  

As organizations grow so does the difficulty to manage the user interaction.  Departments grow, agencies are brought on, chaos can quickly ensue.  There are many strategies for achieving campaign intelligence.

Typical issues:

  • Campaign management - breadth of users both internally and externally 
    • Omniture's SAINT and Google Analytics campaign creation tool have limitations
  • Decentralized ReportingReliance upon external segregated reports from disparate systems
  • Source - referrer often cannot automatically be recorded
  • Attribution Problems
    • Which Deserves Credit?
    • How Much?
    • Timing First, Last, Linear?
Click Conversion ScenarioAttribution Issues

Solution: Measuring beyond the website


  • Campaign management improvements
  • Conversion attribution improvements
  • Strategy for optimization
  • Centralization - reconcile data across multiple platforms to a single reporting suite
  • Implement combination of business intelligence, campaign management, and CRM platforms

Determine campaign success indicators - sales, leads, conversion percentages, article views, etc.


Improved Program Management

Track My Marketing - Campaign Management

Implement Campaign management tool, example: Track My Marketing 

  • Gain insight into campaign performance through increased granularity and consistency
  • Campaigns created and rolled out efficiently and instantly
  • Extend management without wasted resources Internal & External
  • Vendor management - data flow
  • Deeper insights into campaign reporting 
    • Increased granularity and consistency
    • Reconcile data across multiple platforms


No generally accepted attribution strategy. Customize a strategy according to the business model.  Time period selection refer to cookie retention rate research. Explore the purchase life cycle to determine how long the data should accrue.

cookie retention graph

Allocation methods

  • Linear - each instance gets a part of the whole 
  • Participation - full credit at each part


GA offers a nice easy integration with their analytics tool and their advertising network tool.  If you want to extend beyond just their advertising network and use other search engines further work is necessary. 


Omniture offers some additional functionality beyond what GA can offer.  Info on Omniture's automated report, called Marketing Channels reports.  A tutorial on how to build and configure it.  There are some issues with utilizing these reports that occur when referring data is stripped during redirection process.  One example of this is PPC management systems.  For further information on this contact us.

A diagram of marketing automation achieved through systems integrations:


Extend functionality

Reconcile Data

Integrate Web Analytics Solutions, CRM, and server logs.