The Top Web Analytics Professionals

We are looking to compile a list of the most influential individuals in the web metrics industry. This list will be comprised of those that lead the business intelligence industry through web analytics. The hunt is on for those that have acquired admiration, respect, and appraise from the community and have the greatest ability to affect the industry as a whole.

Help by suggesting leading online measurement professionals.  In order to ensure we create a globalized list. We look to attain a list of professionals from around the world. Once this list is compiled the below rankings will be used to find the top web analytics experts.

Suggested factors to be utilized for ranking:

  • Benevolence
  • Social Media influence -twitter
  • Alexa ranking
  • Public speaking
  • Community involvement

Current list:

Avinash Kaushik
Position: Analytics Evangelist at Google
Site: Occam's Razor -
Web Analytics 2.0
Web Analytics an hour a day
Social: @avinash 27,605 followers
Location: USA

Jim Sterne
Position: Chairman of the Board, WAA & Conference producer, Emetrics
Social Media Metrics
How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment
Web Metrics - Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success
World Wide Web Marketing
Customer Service on the Internet - Customer Support, Direct Marketing, and Up-Selling
What Makes People Click - Advertising on the Web
Email Marketing - Using Email to Reach Your Target Audience and Build Customer Relationships
Social: @jimsterne 4,146 followers
Location: Santa Barbara, California, USA

Eric Peterson
Postion: CEO, Web Analytics Demystified
Publications: Web Analytics Demystified
Social: @erictpeterson 6,246 followers
Location: USA

Bill Gassman
Position: Research Director, Gartner
Social: @bgassman 692 followers
Location: USA

Boris Evelson
Position: Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester
Social: @bevelson 1,135
Location: USA

Caleb Whitmore
Position: Founder Analytics Pros
Social: @analyticspros 1,001Followers
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Co-Author of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics

Thomas H. Davenport
Position: President's Chair in IT and Management at Babson
Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning
Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results
Location: USA