SWFObject embedding issues

swfobject I had found issues utilizing the Deconcept site implementation, the original creators of SWFObject. My issue arose when trying to add variables and transparency to the object with version 2. This was their suggestion:

This content is replaced by the Flash movie.

For some reason I was getting a JavaScript error. The implementation that worked for me:

I found the better code at these locations:

For some reason the example code is not up front and center as it should be.

FlashVars, SWFObject 2.2, addParam.




Hi there, For some reason the transparency on my flash file does not work when I use swf object 2.2. Do you have any suggestions? Here is the page:http://d554778.u67.duvalldesigns.com/Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Jon, It looks like there is an issue with the link.  If you could provide the new location we may be able to help.