Omniture Summit 2010 Recap

Summit 10 conference showcaseOmniture Summit 2010 was an overall great conference.  Omniture managed to somehow outdo themselves this year by improving the production from 2009 with very little room to have done so.  The summit had some great content and incredible keynotes. There were some really wonderful people sharing insights and experiences. It was very nice to see a strong presence from Adobe, which did well to boslter Josh James, CEO of Omniture's keynote.  CEO, Shantanu Narayen, CTO, Kevin Lynch, as well as founder, John Warnock, were all at the event.  Hearing keynotes from the CEO and the CTO helped establish Adobe's commitment to the technology.  I was impressed with the mobile stats presented by Alan Rimmer - Senior VP from RIM. One particular claim of his stood out, 'In 2014 smart phone sales will overtake PC/Notebooks.' More emphasis on mobile efforts and analysis is needed for many, including myself.

The breakout sessions provided some educational information on power use of the Omniture product suite.  These sessions provided some compelling case studies that showed true optimization.  The key takeaway I found for SiteCatatlyst use was audience segmentation for optimization through engagement scoring.  A percent of page viewed plug-in was presented that seemed insightful.  This can ideally provide assistance with working on content below the fold.  There were case studies from integration which opened up a desire to tie in existing CRM systems to SiteCatalyst.  This comes from a desire to acquire the customer information for improved analysis. 

Josh James Shantanu AnalyticsI was disappointed with Omniture's emphasis on Discover and Insight.  I would have like to have seen more talk of instant segmentation for SiteCatalyst to rival Google Analytics.  There was heavy emphasis on Test and Target, a tool that seems to be a very affective add-on to SiteCatalyst.  I will follow this article up with further analysis on a comparison of the tool verse what Drupal can provide natively.Search Center as I had a chance to sit with Cameron Cowan a product manager for Search Center and am enamored with the product.

Web Analytics Wednesday was held Tuesday at a nearby Red Lion's Sky Bar.  This event was well positioned providing a great networking opportunity between summit events.  This provided great views and wonderful people such as, the voice of the Omniture community, Ben Gaines, Eric Peterson, folks from Semphonic and Stratigent, Bill Gassman, from Gartner, just to name a few.

Omniture consulting teams were available to discuss implementation and integration strategy, one of the only times they will do this at no cost.  

Pokens were distributed for sharing contact information.  Hopefully these devices will catch on to avoid the monotony of transcribing business cards.

This event provides direct paths improvement of business intelligence products. Overall this conference was incredible, a pinnacle event for enterprise web analytics.


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