Omniture Plug-ins

Looking to extend Adobe - Omniture's SiteCatalyst measurement automation functionality?  This can be accomplished by implementing a number of JavaScript plug-ins. These are pre-written functions built to easily insert further features for additional measurement capabilities. A list of these feature sets can be found on the Omniture Blog. These code snippets can be added to the core s_code file.

Adobe - Omniture at one point had a library of these plug-ins listed in the support section for download. Most have since been removed for the company's desire for consulting involvement.  As Simon Rumble put it, "the company has an annoying habit of secrecy."2 Rumble provides an excellent method for further understanding the plug-ins through de-obfuscation.  Web Analytics Land provides a small library of plug-ins, and video/multimedia tracking can be found in a separate article.

We understand Adobe - Omniture's stance for protecting their intellectual property but also feel that shared knowledge through collaboration leads to progress.  The idea is not to break legal and ethical boundaries but to empower others to help improve measurement efforts. Please share if this article has provided the means for additional functionality.







You should link to this page.  It's a better method.'ll update that previous post with a link.Some "plugins" annoy me because they do things that should be core functionality and done server-side.  Time Parting is a great example of this.  Relying on the clock of your clients is a really bad idea.  Even the newer VISTA approach, while server-side and so with an accurate clock, still leave us with an awful work-around of something that should be core functionality.

updated to the suggested link. Thanks Simon.