eMetrics New York City is Coming

Conference Information -


Emetrics 2011 New York City will be held October 17-21. If you are interested in how measurement technology can assist investment decisions, I will be posting content and analysis of this conference. Below you will find information for preparation of the analysis to be performed as well as a way to save on the conference. Shortly after the conference concludes, content will be added.


Jim Sterne put the conference together almost 10 years ago with the goal of providing a venue with the "intent on shaping and shepherding this nascent industry as it holds incredible value for those able to grasp and capitalize on the potential."

Financial Focused Sessions- 
Gregory Nathan of Fidelity Investments will present along with Market Share. They will present model-based marketing effectiveness analytics to drive strategic investment decisions. Fidelity informs marketing investments for national, targeted geographies and customer segments - all while removing bias and emotion in the decision making process. The company also utilizes mix modeling for continuously improving marketing analytics.



Save on your ticket price

Hopefully you have not purchased your ticket yet.  I was lucky enough to be invited to moderate the Marketing Labs Sessions.  I am therefore able to share a 10% Promotional Speaker Discount to friends and colleagues for the 3-Day Summit Pass.  Contact me if you would like to take advantage.

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