Don't pay for Project Management Software

Open ATrium

update: 11/17/2011

Open Atrium is a great project management tool.  It is built on Drupal and is completely free.  It comes as an install package with all of the administrative setup tasks required of a Drupal Build out taken care of.  It does this with a system profile to give you similar features to BaseCamp or other such project management utilities.  Open Atrium is completely free but requires hosting. 

This system allows users with hosting resources to break through the limitations of externally hosted and pre packaged software. Open Atrium is built on a simple, slick design that has all of the benefits of running on an open source content management system.  It opens up incredible customization capabilities.  You can add any modules available to the Drupal community or build your own.

Source: Jeff Geerling's article



Open Project is a fairly good tool for project management.  

I have been using open project for some time now but will look to check this out!! Thanks Top C!

Wow thanks for the great link mate. I am paying for one project management software now (I will not mention it's name because of strange circumstances), but if there is some good and free one, why not? It will be ten times better then pay a big sum for some applications. I will definitely try Open Atrium and see how it goes. Thanks one more time for posting an entry about it. I have bookmarked your blog and will be following it in the future. Thanks!Sincerely,George Mattson from software development services

I like that you are sharing it its very nice people are sharing their stuff on it... keep it up..

yes why is it that we don't need to pay for the project management software? I don't think that's free after all that you've done for that and you spent so many hours to complete it. project management training

Open Atrium looks great. This is perfect, something I was looking for. I love anything that's open source... Thanks for the nice review!
Cheers, David from iPhone Development.

I am also reviewing project management tools that will fit for any company. I do recommend Pivotal Tracker. This agile project management tool has an app where you can collaborate with any people in your company even if your not in the office. I don't see any collaborating apps with this unique feature.

Hi,I think an iPhone app for Atrium would be great and when using already Atrium otherwise, it would be worth to pay couple of euro of it. Aren't we saving money by using open source and ready to pay a cup of coffee for the great people to keep them going on? ;)

I have not used any iPhone applications for Drupal administrative functions yet but I have heard iDrupal may be a good solution coming.  It is not yet stable, but there is a release available.  It may be worth contacting someone on that development team or someone at the Open Atrium team to see if this is on roadmaps.

Open Atrium is likely the best open source for integrating with Drupal. In terms of being able to scale, I am not sure it could handle explasive growth. At that point, one should probably consider adopting a paid project management suite. has a very useful comparison of CRM and social CRM tools for growing businesses.  

I agree with you totally, Open Atrium is likely the best open source for integrating with Drupal. It is a good thing is still providing efficient and quality service.

Using a software project management is essential if you want to minimize the risk of what is happening with the project and get a better chance of success. Many people do not see this value in the work of a small business, thinking that small businesses are less complex and therefore do not need many tools.

However, the fact that they do not realize that the size of the business is not a basis to use management tool or not. As an entrepreneur, you have to be very promising about your business. You do not want to keep it small for the rest of the day. You want it to grow and expand. In short, you want to be successful.Project Management Tools

As per PMI, any project involves risk management. And here too: no need to pay for a risk management software. Check this FREE fully-featured MS Excel add-in for risk assessment, analysis, heat maps, etc: hope that helps you as much as this helps me!:)

Actually, I was in search of a site which could tell me more on Project Management. It felt really pleasant when I read about the project management tool, Open Atrium. I would love to try this tool. Thanks for sharing the details.