The Data Driven Business Week - eMetrics Conference

Want a chance to meet successful Web Analytics professionals? The Data Driven Business Week, eMetrics Conference is a chance to reach industry leaders from the corporate environment, vendor landscape, and contracting worlds. Attendees were presented the opportunity to attain actionable insights in key concept areas of web analytics through predictive and attribution modeling as well as the interconnectivity of data. 


emetrics speakers

  • Jim Sterne led the conference with poise providing insight after each presenter
  • John Lovett cited the problems individuals face in providing an understanding of the practice of web analytics. He discussed the difficulty of disseminating the idea of what web analytics practitioners do, being considered "wierdos" within the society. He promoted his recently published social metrics book, and Adobe provided copies to attendees.
  • Joe Megibow presented climbing the corporate ladder as a web analytics professional. He emphasized the effect creating a narrative with the data can have. He quoted an unknown source, "All models are wrong some models are useful." He believes that the mobile experience is much different stating a need for different toolsets and models. His path evolved to predictive analytics.
  • Geoff Ramsey from eMarketer shared budget and industry analysis data. One of the standout points was a 20% growth in digital marketing spend.
  • Jeff Jonas of IBM shared insight on big data, a growing trend. He applied data across streams to bring insight. The idea of "bad data" being relevant urging not to just clean raw data. Instead one must analyze for interconnectivity prior to improve algorithms for parsing that data.
  • Heath Pdovesker of Market Share and Greg Nathan of Fidelity discussed Mix Modeling. They glazed over difficulties of cross channel and attribution and focused on a modeling evolution. The ideas were centered around improving models' focus in timeline and segmentation such as geography.
Action Items
  • Look at analytics platforms as just the presentation layer. Web analytics success comes down to the team that utilizes and supports the technology.
  • There was some discussion around centralizing around a single data warehouse.  Large vendors like Oracle have been built around this idea but individualized business units often push to address their unique requirements on disparate systems.  It currently seems to be an organizational paradox that will be an issue for some time. I would be interested to hear further how others address this.

Vendor News

  • Tag Management secured $5 million in funding
  • Gartner says CMO budget will grow beyond CIO
  • IBM announced the release of their single platform pulling together Coremetrics and UnicaWAA, Web Analytics Association

Web Analytics Association

It was stated that an eighth of the crowd was made up of WAA members.  Membership continues to grow as seen in the breakout association meeting. 


I thought the conference was incredibly valuable having met some incredible people, but my goal was focusing on tying web analytics to finance and not much of that was covered. Looking forward, I would like to get more involved with the predictive analytics sessions as this seems to be the next evolutionary step to online data analysis.


Daniel Waisberg and the Online-Behavior team provides videos from the conferences:

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