Amazon Web Services Conference NYC

Amazon Web ServicesThe Amazon Web Services 2011 Conference in New York City displayed the paradigm shift the IT industry is going through. The infrastructure as a service business model has been successfully implemented in many enterprises large and small.  Several individuals from all over shared their experiences. 

Amazon Web Services Conference 2011One of the issues many organizations face is the transition process.  The most compelling story of such a transition is Amazon Retail.  John Jenkins(JJ) from the Retail division, provided the details in an impressively delivered presentation. Amazon Web Services was not a result of's infrastructure needs.  Instead the retailer slowly migrated their infrastructure over to AWS.   Vadim Jelezniakov, Director of Infrastructure Engineering at The New York Times, shared several large scale implementation success stories across several projects.

Outages in April 2011 have caused doubt for some.  Many issues can be mitigated through the creation of hybrid environments. Mixing cloud services and managed hosting.  Many organizations are being created to help those with a lack of server administration resources.  Companies with integrations of platform providers like Amazon are growing at an impressive rate.

Organizations could see significant cost savings by extending utilization of AWS offerings or other such cloud technologies.  This is ideal for organizations looking to keep overhead low.  Resources allocation is what causes infrastructure deployment success or failure.  Many organizations will be cutting costs significantly and hosting organizations that are not able to keep up with this trend will suffer.




(Image: Alcatel, Viemo, NY Times, Implementation Panel)    




Wish those conferences held in other cities too!